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2020-4-5_Thank You Corona Card.jpg

During this time it is important to remember those who serve us constantly. Without these essential service members we would not be able to continue one. Thank someone today with this essential service thank you card!

2020_4_10_Wash Your Hands.jpg

You can never remind people enough to wash their hands, especially when there is a superbug roaming the streets all over the world. Go ahead and send a friendly reminder to that friend who sometimes walks out of the bathroom and "forgets" to wash their hands.

2020_4_10_Rise of the Introverts.jpg

It's their time to shine. Introverts everywhere finally have a valid excuse to not leave the house or interact with people ever. Someone has to be winning in the quarantine.

During this time it is hard for many of us to function without our regular routines. We sometimes find our new routine to mainly take place on the couch... Cheer someone up, make someone laugh, share your new routine with a friend!

2020_4_9_Quarantine Got Me Like.jpg
2020_4_10_2020 Canceled Front.jpg

Many of us, including myself, started 2020 thinking it would be a great year! And now we want to cancel 2020. Go ahead and start sending well wishes to your friends and family for 2021.

I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to show all of my friends and family that I am here to support them...even if it is from 6 or more feet apart. We all need to support each other if we are going to make it through this! Support those you love.

2020_4_10_I'm Here for You Front.jpg


2020_4_10_I'm Here for You Inside.jpg


2020_4_9_Quarantine Birthday Card Front.
2020_4_9_Quarantine Birthday Card Inside



Let me start off by saying I'm sorry. Sadly you have to celebrate your birthday while under quarantine but don't let that stop you from having a good time! Everyone needs to Quaran-party like it's their birthday! Get crazy, just not crazy close to anyone.

I heard about children in Italy creating signs that say Tutto Andra Bene - Everything will be ok. I love that these children are spreading joy and hope any way they can and I wanted to represent that in a card. We must all continue to have hope!

2020_4_12_Tutto Andra Bene Front.jpg


2020_4_13_Tutto Andra Bene Inside.jpg


2020_4_12_Stay Home.jpg

These days everyone is a homebody. It can be nice to stay home, catch up on reading, TV shows, spending quality time with your family, trying not to lose it. But right now home is where we are safest. I personally love my home. Take some time to appreciate your home because it is on your side.

Ok I know everyone out here has traded their shoes for socks and any other beverage for wine. My friend posted a picture of her holding a glass of wine and looking down at her socks. This is one of the most relatable things I had seen and just had to make it into a card. For now you will find me on the couch with some wine in hand and some fuzzy socks on my feet!

2020_4_9_Socks and Wine Quarantine Love
2020_4_13_Thank You Teachers.jpg
2020_4_13_Thank You Teachers Inside.jpg



Parents across the world are sharing their stories and it seems that one this is apparent...teachers deserve an insane amount of respect. Homeschooling looks like it isn't for everyone because well it sucks. I think we all need to let our teachers know that we love and appreciate everything they do for our children. Teachers rock!

Sometimes you don't have anything else to say. This sucks and we all know it. It helps to be heard and understood. We got you, this sucks, that is all.

2020_4_13_This Sucks.jpg
2020_4_13_You Are a Badass.jpg

From time to time we all need a reminder that we are a badass. Now more than ever we need to encourage our friends and family so they don't lose heart! Remember, YOU ARE A BADASS!

It is easy to get lost in the whole pandemic situation and not see a an end. We need to remember that together, we can do this! Ban together, but keep 6 feet apart when banning together.

2020_4_13_We Can Do This.jpg
2020_4_13_Thank You Cards.jpg

You can never be too polite. Might as well thank someone for bringing you groceries, getting you a gift, for making you a face mask, for waving to you on the street, for being a good neighbor, for being a kind person, or for feeding your dog that one time. Literally thank people for ANYTHING! Trust me, you will make a lot of friends by saying thank you.

It is easy to get bored during quarantine. Luckily we have our dogs to teach us their ways. Dogs are able to pass entire days by just staring out the window and staring at squirrels. They shall teach us their ways and we shall become one with the squirrel watch!

2020_4_14_Quarantine Hobbies.jpg
2020_4_15_Mother's Day Quarantine Checkl

Once again it is Mother's Day and we can't spend it with our Moms. We all love our mothers so this year instead of a lame excuse for missing Mother's Day let's give them a good list of possible reasons we are missing this special day with our special mothers!

Work video calls can get weird. Not only are your coworkers are seeing the inside of your home but they are also seeing some of the weird stuff that goes down in your house. On top of kids throwing tantrums during these calls sometimes our family members walk around without certain articles of clothing on right in the middle of these calls...

2020_4_14_I'm sorry work call.jpg
2020_4_16_Heart Mother's Day.jpg

Let's spread the love.

When you never know what day it is you can easy celebrate Wine Down Wednesday everyday! Quarantine is bringing out the wine in all of us.

2020_4_16_Bottle ? of Wine.jpg
2020_4_16_Hey What Are You Up To.jpg
2020_4_16_Hey What Are You Up To Inside.

We are all so busy these days between the sleeping, the eating, the TV, the eating, the sleeping. I mean who has time for anything else? So what are you up to? Yeah, nothing.



We have all be absolute terrors to our mothers. They have put up with so much of our shit throughout the years and they deserve a million thanks. We our so indebted to our mothers and need to thank them everyday! Send some love and humor to your mom this Mother's Day!

2020_4_14_Thank You Mom Putting Up Shit


2020_4_14_Thank You Mom Putting Up Shit


2020_4_17_House Cats.jpg

Cats have it all don't they? They alternate between sleeping, eating and looking out the window. These days we are looking a lot more like our cats because all we do is alternate between sleeping, eating and looking out the window. Channel your inner cat and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Tiger King, Grace and Frankie, Ozark, Schitt's Creek, all zillion seasons of Grey's Anatomy, Love is Blind. Welp, I just finished Netflix.

2020_4_16_Welp, I just finished Netflix.
2020_4_16_Quarantoned or Quaranten.jpg

I've heard it said that some people will come out of quarantine in the best shape of their lives and some with that spare tire. That bring me to the question of how to pronounce quarantine, is it quaranten or quarantoned? When you find out please let me know.

When you are quarantined during your birthday of course you still get cake and you can have a virtual party. The absolute best part though is that you don't have to share your cake with anyone! Go ahead, eat that whole cake right in front of the camera for all your friends to see.

2020_4_16_Best thing about Quarantine Bi
2020_4_16_Happy Mother's Day Flowers.jpg

Need something nice and sweet to show your mom that you love her? Look no further, all moms love getting flowers from their children.

Are you losing it being quarantined with your significant other, family members, roommates? Are you guilty of yelling at them for breathing too loud? Eating too loud? Arguing about who finished the snacks? This card is the key to solving all relationship problems in quarantine, guaranteed.

2020_4_14_I'm sorry yelling.jpg
2020_4_17_Quarantine Business Casual.jpg

It's all the rage, work from home. You know what's even better than being at home all day? Working in your underwear. Don't worry, I won't tell everyone that you wear fuzzy pink slippers.

Fun, pink and enthusiastic. Wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day with enthusiasm.

2020_4_14_Happy Mother's Day.jpg
2020_4_16_It's Not You.jpg

Finding hard to put how you feel into words? Blame it on Corona.

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