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Begining of a Journey

And so my journey begins. My flight from the Baltimore airport was delayed 3 hours so that wasn't too fun but I finally made it to Iceland! I am currently sitting in a bus waiting to go to Reykjavik! I only have a couple of days here but I am very excited! As the airplane was descending I could only think about the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Have y'all seen it? Well spoiler alert, he goes to Iceland. From the airplane window Iceland looked similar to how the movie showed it. Maybe I will get to ride a longboard down a super long and curvy road...or not. Then as I was walking through the airport I heard something, it was a super cute child and I was thinking aw, what a cute kid. Then I realized the kid was singing the daddy finger, daddy finger where are you song (groan). This song was played constantly in our classroom this past year over and over and over. Who knew it would follow me to Iceland!

Stay tuned! More updates to follow.

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