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The Last Leg: Bristol

I made it to my final country, England! I am excited but also sad that this is the last country I will be going to before I go home. It was pretty easy to get from my hostel in Lisbon to my hostel in Bristol. I got there on Wednesday night and had all day Thursday to hang out in the city. I walked around town and found a town square with chairs and a large screen to watch the Olympics! It was like all of my dreams came true. I was so happy and I sat down for a little bit to watch. I think these should be everywhere! I found a nice spot by the Bristol Cathedral to sit and paint. At one point a guy came up to me and said he liked my picture then he said he might need my autograph before I become famous. He was a little creepy about it but he was nice. I also went into the cathedral. It was very pretty on the inside. After walking around some shops I went back to the Olympic Zone to watch some of the events they were showing. I also managed to squeeze in another sketch of the area. In this square they also had a giant shiny globe that reminded me of the Chicago Bean! Some of the friends I made in Croatia live near Bristol so they came to hang out with me! We walked around town and had supper together. It was awesome to end my trip with friends I made throughout my trip! We even talked about them coming to America and me coming back to England. The adventure isn't over!

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