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Gorgeous Greece

I've been here in Parikia on the island of Paros in Greece for three days now and it has been amazing! A week ago today I stepped on the plane to Iceland but that seems so long ago. I am really loving it here! I have made some friends at the school I'm going to, the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts! My watercolor class is small, there are only 5 of us. One person from Venezuela, two natives of Greece, one from India and then me. I've also made friends with people from the other classes. I do everything with them!

I am truly living in paradise. Everyday we eat outside with stunning views of the Aegean Sea and incredible sunsets over the sea. My school and apartment are in Old Town Parikia. This area is a never ending maze of stone alleyways and white buildings with blue accents. I love wandering around, I find different shops and restaurants each time I take a walk. There are no cars allowed in Old Town (which rocks! Just a bunch of pedestrians ruling the town!) but there are TONS of cats. I'm not exaggerating when I say I run into a cat at every turn (and those are often because the roads are curvy and maze like). There is even an area near my apartment where they put food out for all of the stray cats. It is like a tiny cat farm right in the middle of town. You can find cats wandering around, laying in someone's window or even in the road right in front of you.

My class has been great so far. I have learned a lot about watercolor and now know it is no easy task. I was thinking that since I draw and do oil painting that watercolor wouldn't be super difficult to pick up. I was wrong. It can be quite frustrating because watercolor has a mind of its own but that is also what makes it awesome! I'm hoping to improve these next two weeks. Keep an eye out for some of the pictures I paint, I may just post them on Facebook if I deem them worthy! After class today one of the Greek girls in my class, Militza, took Michelle (the Venezuelan girl) and I to her town, Aliki! We took the bus, saw her apartment and went to the beach! It was really awesome being shown around by someone who actually lives here!

I wish you all could join me in paradise!

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