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Greek Food

I have been eating totally authentic all in Greek food since I arrived here and I am totally loving it!

The other day Michelle and I went to this amazing restaurant called Mira and it was by the sea. Everything was amazing! We had an appetizer of this fried feta with honey and sesame seeds all over it, can I just say we were in heaven! My main dish was mousaka. Michelle reminded me that was what Tula had for lunch when she was younger in My Big Fat Greek Wedding! The other little girls made fun of her and called it moose ka ka so now that is the only thing I think about when I hear mousaka! But for the record it was delicious!

I have some favorites right now, they may change because my time in Greece is young! I'm all about fava bean dip and tzatziki! Those are delicious dips! Of course the fried feta with honey was amazing! Souvlaki is amazing as well. I've had it on a skewer and in a pita, both were delicious! The olive oil is to die for! Finally, I just have to let y'all know that Greek yogurt, REAL Greek yogurt is the best! I had some Greek yogurt with muesli (granola), chocolate chips, and honey. It was heavenly! Pretty much everything in Greece is amazing!! Please come and eat with me!

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