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Greek Life

No this isn't about being in a sorority or fraternity, it is about my real life Greek life in Greece! I decided not to blog everyday because 1. It would get boring telling stories of everything I do here and 2. Because I don't have enough time to sit down and write everyday! Since my last post, I have had 4 days of class (wow I didn't realize I hadn't written in so long!) and one day break. We had class on Saturday because we moved the boat trip from Saturday to Friday. We went to a church near the marble quarries and I got to climb up on the roof to paint! It was so awesome! There were great views but I had to take breaks so I wouldn't die in the heat up there. Later that night I went to the town of Naoussa with my friends Michelle (from Venezuela), Aelish (from LA), and Irene (from Paros). We had a lot of fun seeing the town because it has a lot more people than Parikia. I realized that I like how few people are in Parikia, it is more of a quiet place than Naoussa. Irene took us to get some awesome doughnut holes covered in Nutella or honey with ice cream! It was amazing!!!

Sunday was my first day where I didn't have a single thing planned to do and we didn't have class. I spent a lot of the day working on some of my pieces and hanging out with a couple of my friends. Later in the day we bought inter tubes and went swimming in the sea! I don't care how touristy we looked because it was a lot of fun! On Monday it was back to the grind! We went to someone's garden who lives on the island. It was very pretty but I couldn't really find a place I wanted to paint. I ended up painting this cool looking faded blue and red table.

Tuesday was a better day for me, we went to Jim and Irene's garden, they live near Aliki in the hills. Their view was amazing! I had a lot of fun painting there. We met some people staying with them. They were filming, sculpting, and sometimes they have writers there. One lady filmed us painting so I suppose I will be famous when her video is picked up! Irene made us chocolate carrot cake when we were done painting, it was delicious! Right after class that afternoon, Aelish, Militsa and I took the bus to Parosporos beach (we brought our newly acquired floaties). The weather was perfect and the water was perfect! We spent a long time swimming out there in the perfection! We wanted to take the bus back but the bus lady told us the wrong time for the bus so we ended up walking back, which wasn't so bad because the sun was setting. A bit dangerous because there were no sidewalks but hey, who is going to hit someone holding a bright pink intertube? Irene invited us over to her house that night and it was so sweet! We walked to her house and ate pizza while watching Mama Mia! It was crazy watching it while actually being in Greece.

Finally we have today. Unfortunately the hotel is disorganized and kicked me out of my room into another room so that sucked. In class we had someone come in to be our model and we did figure drawing all day. Watercolor and figure drawing are hard enough by themselves, but combining them, crazy. It was definitely a learning process but we all caught on by the end of the day. That night Michelle and I were walking back to our hotel when suddenly one of the stray cats attacked me!! I was so shocked! All I did was walk by it and it jumped at the back of my leg and bit me! The cats always seem so nice so I was caught off guard when it attacked me. Note to self: keep a few feet distance from the stray cats. That will be hard though because these cats seem to run the city. They look at us from their cat compound and think, "Look at those peasants and how they bow down and admire us all day." I swear they say this, I heard a cat say it the other day. Greek life is good. Watercolor is hard.

Peace, love, souvlaki. (Nobody take that, I'm patenting it).

Ba de, ba de, ba de that's all folks!

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