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Big Greek Stones

Well I think that just about sums it up, thanks for reading!

Just kidding, but I really have seen a ton of big stones of all kinds the past couple of days. I can't believe it is already July! Where has the time gone? Yesterday we drove all morning to get to Delphi (I've also seen it spelled Delfi so I have no clue which way to spell it). On the way we drove over a large bridge that looked like the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston! This one had more posts, four instead of two. We finally made it to Delphi and it was awesome! You climbed up to the big Temple of Apollo, then climb a little more and there was a theater, then climb A LOT more and there was a stadium for their games. This place was a hike, only a few people from our group went because it was so high up! I checked my step counter afterwards and it said I climbed 35 flights of stairs! The view was totally worth it though. I also loved all of the remnants of the temples, treasuries, stadiums, etc. At supper we were stuffed with 5 courses again. I don't know if it is a Greek thing or if they think we eat as much as a horse because we are Americans but it is Too. Much. Food. I feel bad and end up eating more because there is so much leftover! I swear I could take all of the leftovers from our suppers this week and feed myself for the rest of my travels this summer, then I could save some money!

Today we went to the best place of all, Meteora! If you haven't heard of this place you need to google it RIGHT NOW! If you have seen the movie Avatar it is kind of like that but with monasteries atop each rock. Also our tour guide told us part of a James Bond movie was filmed here. It is basically an area with a lot of giant stones jutting out of the ground into the sky with monasteries sitting on top of them. Some of them you have to take a cable car like a ski lift to get to it because there is no other way! We visited a monastery and a nunnery. The views from these places were incredible. I really can't describe it because it was so amazing. It was hard to believe that these rocks existed and we could go to the top of them. While we were touring the nunnery our tour guide told us a funny story so we laughed. A nun then walked in and spoke agitated Greek to our guide. She told us the nun said we are not allowed to laugh in the church! Then when we were walking out she was looking over our group and sighed after she looked at us! Goodness gracious, I think God wouldn't mind us laughing, I think he would join in!

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